# Introduction

# NopeCHA: AI for automatic CAPTCHA recognition

NopeCHA applies deep learning to solve CAPTCHAs for humans.

# How we've taken CAPTCHA recognition by storm

At least 27 times cheaper than other CAPTCHA recognition services

Every component in our service is automated by state-of-the-art AI, paving the way for unrivaled rates.

Here's an authentic breakdown of our service vs competitors.

# Cost and Speed Breakdown

NopeCHA Recognition API* NopeCHA Token API* 2captcha capmonster
reCAPTCHA Price 90000/$1 9000/$1 333/$1 250/$1
reCAPTCHA Solve Time 0.7s 20s 26s 11s
hCaptcha Price 90000/$1 9000/$1 333/$1 1250/$1
hCaptcha Solve Time 0.7s 15s 22s 11s
Text CAPTCHA Price 90000/$1 90000/$1 1000/$1 3333/$1
Text CAPTCHA Solve Time 1.2s 1.2s 5s 13s
FunCAPTCHA Price 90000/$1 Coming soon 333/$1 Not Supported
FunCAPTCHA Solve Time 0.7s Coming soon 15s Not Supported
AWS CAPTCHA Price 90000/$1 Coming soon Not Supported Not Supported
AWS CAPTCHA Solve Time 1.1s Coming soon Not Supported Not Supported

* Based on Enterprise plan

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