# Welcome

# NopeCHA: AI for automatic CAPTCHA recognition

NopeCHA applies deep learning to solve CAPTCHAs for humans.

# Is it FREE?

It's free to use, for up to 100 solves per day, excluding non-residential IP addresses to prevent abuse and ensure availability for everyone.

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# How we've taken CAPTCHA recognition by storm

If you need to solve large volumes of CAPTCHAs, you've come to the right place. Our pricing is on average 27 times cheaper than other CAPTCHA recognition services.

Every component in our service is automated by state-of-the-art AI, paving the way for unrivaled rates.

Here's an authentic breakdown of our service vs competitors.

# Cost and speed breakdown

NopeCHA Recognition* NopeCHA Token* 2captcha capmonster
Cost 90,000/$1 4,500/$1 333/$1 250/$1
Speed 1.5s 60s 26s 11s
Cost 90,000/$1 18,000/$1 333/$1 1,250/$1
Speed 1.5s 15s 22s 11s
Cost 90,000/$1 Not Applicable 1,000/$1 3,333/$1
Speed 2s Not Applicable 5s 13s
Cost 90,000/$1 Coming soon 333/$1 Not Supported
Speed 1.5s Coming soon 15s Not Supported
Cost Not Applicable 90,000/$1 Not Supported Not Supported
Speed Not Applicable 5s Not Supported Not Supported
Cost 9,000/$1 Coming soon Not Supported Not Supported
Speed 1s Coming soon Not Supported Not Supported

* Based on quarterly enterprise plan

Cost table was last updated on May 2023

For information on the difference between Recognition and Token API, refer to our getting started guide.

# Credit system for subscriptions

When you purchase a Subscription Plan, you receive credits each day that can be used to solve CAPTCHAs.

If you are unfamiliar with how credits work, you can try our free service which provides 100 free credits per day.

The type of plan you purchase determines:

  • The number of credits you receive each day
  • The rate at which you can request our API

Please refer to the table below to calculate how many credits you may need. The discrepancy among the number of credits consumed by each CAPTCHA is related to how computationally difficult it is to solve.

Information on the benefits of each subscription plan can be found on our pricing page.

# Credit usage by CAPTCHA

All free and paid credits are received every 23 hours.

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# Disclaimer

If you are solving from reputable IP addresses, 1-2 credits is typically enough to fully solve 1 reCAPTCHA, hCaptcha, or FunCAPTCHA challenge.

On high risk IP addresses, fully solving a reCAPTCHA challenge may take 2-6 credits, hCaptcha 3 credits, and FunCAPTCHA from 2-10 credits.

Note that reCAPTCHA and hCaptcha block you from solving if you're being rate limited; however, FunCAPTCHA allows you to solve and rejects when you submit.

hCaptcha Enterprise (on Discord, Shopify, Twitter, etc) can flag your solved token such that when you use it to generate, say, a user account, it is immediately locked and terminated. The NopeCHA browser extensions and the Token API spoof human activity to always generate authentic hCaptcha Enterprise tokens. This means that an account you generate with NopeCHA does not require email or phone verification.